Summer's coming, and that means bikini season! This year, don't let bathing suits be a privilege of the thin. Don't spend another summer hiding behind lines like "I'll go to the beach when I lose 20 lbs" or "This bathing suit is for when I'm at my goal weight." Your body is fabulous and beautiful, just the way it is, RIGHT NOW. You CAN rock a plus size bikini, and you'll also be doing a little inadvertent activism in the process... Does this Spark an idea?

Just choose the right fit. Bodies come in all shapes and sizes, and plus size bikinis do, too. Choosing the right fit isn't about trying to make yourself look thinner or more or less busty -- it's about playing up your best features and flattering the fabulous shape you have. Try on several plus size bikinis with varying shapes and cuts, and don't be afraid of prints or colors. And remember -- only YOU decide how much of your fabulousness to flaunt.

Don't try to lift it up or suck it in! Accept your body's unique shape AS IT IS and wear a plus size bikini that shows off your body. Whether you're 150 or 450 lbs, (or more!) your body is what it is -- a beautiful, unique creation worthy of display. Stop doing things to promote body hatred and torture, like hiding, tucking, stuffing, sucking in and squeezing your body into your plus size bikini. Honor your shape.

Un-learn a few things. Body image and the thin ideal in our culture - those things are social constructs. It means that the idea that one body is better than the other is something people made up. People make up all kinds of things, like pink is for girls, heavy lifting is for boys, and diets are for everyone. Understand that your body is only wrong if you think it's wrong. Rock your plus size bikini like it's your right, and be ready to cast off the comments of any people who are too sheep-like to think outside of the box -- or in this case, outside the plus size bikini.

Love your body and really mean it! Confidence is the best accessory there is, and the sexiest. Remember, you're helping to re-write the rule book about what women are allowed to look like and what our society considers beautiful. Be proud. Don't hunch over, fidget, tug at yourself, or reach for a cover-up. You are beautiful in your plus size bikini. That's all there is to it.

Get a little angry. Have you listened to stories your whole life about how your body is wrong? Have you tortured and hated yourself and longed to be something you're not? Who wrote the rule book that says plus size bikini's are against the rules? Why should you have to hide your body away when other people get to flaunt theirs? Who told you don't look good in a bikini? Get angry at the messages society gives you about your body, then use that energy to take action. Rock your plus size bathing suits if need be and like the Goddess you are, and take no prisoners! 

And be proud of what your mama' gave ya !



We’ve got every style two-piece imaginable.... from cutie-pie prints like: floral, polka-dot and hearts, to sexy animal prints. And more unique selection of rasta, gingham and paisley swimwear. 

If you prefer specific cuts over prints, we’ve got you covered! 

Bikini tops and bottoms, such as: bandeaus, triangles, halters, and tankinis, boyshorts, full backs, scrunch/pucker backs and briefs. 

So after you’re done doing another rep of ab exercises, cool down in front of your computer screen and reap the benefits of your hard work by shopping our immense selection of flirty swimwear!  

Want to find bikinis and tankinis in all sizes? Here is where you will find your perfect  bathing suit. 

                           SUNDRESSES & COVER-UPS

We know you want to rock that amazing bod of yours in barely there bikinis, but walking to the pool or riding your bike to the beach can be a little awkward in your tiny two-piece. 

Here is where an adorable cover-up will be your best friend. And don’t worry, you won’t find any muumuu style cover-ups here. 

What you will find are adorable crochet tanks, lace dresses, sheer tops, and mesh wrap skirts. We love swim covers that give a little preview of the suit that will follow, so semi-sheer fabrics are our favorite fabrics to rock with a printed bikini. 

And do you want to know the best part Sundresses collection? 

Nothing here will cost you an arm and a beautifully tanned leg. 

So shop your heart out, grab that Bathing Suit, and catch some rays. You can thank us for all your outfit compliments later. 

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